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Facing the truth

No matter if you deny the truth, it is still the truth. A person can tell you I love you but will turn around and leave you out of things or even say something cold to you. Hanna was seeing this guy named Bob for the last three months. In the beginning, Bob told her, he was looking for a long term relationship and she was the girl of his dreams. However, after three months, he barely communicates, always with his friends and only talks to Hanna when he wants sex. Hanna hangs on to the fact during the previous month, he told her he loved her. The truth is he isn't serious, likely never was serious about the things he told her. A person like him doesn't know how to have a relationship with stability and won't likely ever learn how to. Hanna needed to stop denying the truth that was in front of her face, which was Bob wasn't able to give her the love she was hoping for from him.

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